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The Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA) represents the 56 Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) in the State of Michigan. ISDs provide essential services to their constituent school districts to support teaching and learning. In collaboration ISDs offer specialized services to students and school districts that would not be affordable or feasible otherwise. These services can be shared across districts for the success of every learner.

MAISA has embarked on a collaborative Title I Project across all 56 ISDs to develop Title I modules that include enhancements and supplementary supports for local school implementation of the College and Career Readiness Project. Working in collaboration across the state enables us to gain efficiencies and assure quality products.

The MAISA Title I project included professional development modules designed by local and ISD educators from across the state. This process provided multiple viewpoints for the creation of quality professional development content. These modules, and accompanying lessons and resources, are made available to local districts to support their core curriculum implementation.